Algebraic Number Theory

A workshop for young researchers

2–6 September 2024

The workshop is primarily aimed at researchers on the doctoral and early postdoctoral level. Besides the mini-courses and research talks of the speakers listed below, we will offer selected participants the opportunity to present their own work.

Mini courses

Dominik Bullach (University College London)

Jaclyn Lang (Temple University)

Research talks

Annika Burmester* (Bielefeld University)

Gautier Ponsinet (University of Heidelberg)

Óscar Rivero (University of Santiago de Compostela)

Eugenia Rosu (Leiden University)

* to be confirmed


Ben Forrás • Sören Kleine • Justina Lückehe • Katharina Müller • Andreas Nickel • Johannes Sprang

Location: University of the Bundeswehr Munich (Neubiberg), Building 33, Lecture Hall 0231 (campus map)